My Poem

Wow!  This is probably the worst poem EVER!  Even though it is terrible, it is also the best poem in the world!


Themeless Randomness


The thing I like the most,

is that I like to eat toast.

When I die,

I will be a ghost.


Stay close and around,

Right there near the ground.

The prince is to be crowned,

The way he thinks is profound.


The baby is so sweet,

the way he likes to eat.

He really likes his meat,

he thinks it is a treat.


On the news, someone has drowned,

He was pushed under by a hound.

I just hate that sound,

it makes me feel run-down.


The way I like to greet,

makes me feel indiscreet.

I know it’s kind of discreet,

but this poem no longer repeats.


I know it’s confound,

This story has wound,

I don’t want to end this but I have found,

That this poem needs to be bound.




I’ve learned many things in poetry this year, but the best things I’ve learned are probably consonances and assonances.  A consonance is when there is a consonant that is repeated a bunch.  In an assonance, the same thing happens except with a vowel.  Dankerschein!






Fighter of Evil

I think that Jesus is the greatest fighter of evil and darkness in the history of forever.  He made hundreds of miracles happen, excorcised evil, and he sacrificed himself on the cross and rose to Heaven with his Father to save us.  He can destroy evil just by thinking about destroying evil.  He can do it without lifting a finger, and he can do anything just by thinking.  The Savior is the most powerful being in the universe, and he is the best fighter of evil.

Okami (9.5)

Okay, if you have a PS2, PS3, or Wii, you NEED to get the game, OKAMI.  in OKAMI, you are a japanese sun god reincarnated as a wolf, and you have a magical brush and you draw stuff and magic happens.  It is soooooooo cool!!!   If you don’t have a PS2, PS3, or Wii, and you have an XBox 360, get Soul Calibur IV.  WOW!  Besterestiest games evuh!

Yo yo yo!

Hey Hey Hey Homies!  Whatcha up to?  I just joined the digital citizen world!  See, my class and I got laptops, and we use them for like…everything!  Okay y’all, just sayin’ ‘sup to all my new buds in the world of Internet 2.0